Louis DeJoy and Aldona Wos Family Foundation News

The DEJOY/WOS Family Foundation is a Proud Benefactor of the Vice President’s Residence Foundation

The DEJOY\WOS Family Foundation is a proud benefactor of the Vice President’s Residence Foundation, a charitable organization established in 1991 to help raise money to promote and support the historical preservation and furnishing of the official residence of the Vice President of the United States, located at the Naval Observatory. Built in 1893, the private residence at Number One Observatory Circle features Queen Anne-style architecture and is just 2.5 miles from the White House.

For 30 years, it served as the home of the superintendent of the US Naval Observatory; then in 1923, it became the official residence for the head of the Navy. In 1974, Congress designated the house as the home of the vice president. Every vice president has lived there since Mondale, bringing their own unique touch to the home’s 9,150 square feet.

The DEJOY\WOS Family Foundation Donates to the “Stand with Bennett” Campaign

The DEJOY\WOS Family Foundation made a contribution to show its support for Bennett College and the “Stand with Bennett” campaign to help maintain the local college’s accreditations. With a $5 million goal and February 1 internal deadline, Bennett College announced Monday, February 4 that it had not only met but surpassed their goal. Thanks to over 11,000 donors during the six-week fundraising timeframe, Bennett raised $8.2 million in support of keeping the college accredited. With Bennett beating their goal by 60 percent, the college is well-positioned for the upcoming accreditation appeal hearing as well as longer term financial stability.

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The DEJOY\WOS Family Foundation Sponsors 2019 Junior Achievement of the Triad Business Leaders Hall of Fame

The DEJOY\WOS Family Foundation continue their support of Junior Achievement of the Triad by sponsoring the 2019 Business Leaders Hall of Fame held January 29, 2019. Junior Achievement of the Triad’s Business Leaders Hall of Fame is an event to recognize and honor the professional accomplishments of visionary businessmen and women who have shaped the Triad’s economic landscape. The 2019 event inducted Debra and “Smitty” Smith, and Susan and Eric Wiseman, into the Business Leaders Hall of Fame. The annual event has been conducted since 1980. In 2018, Louis DeJoy was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

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The DEJOY\WOS Family Foundation Makes 5-Year Pledge to Support the Greensboro Police Foundation

Louis DeJoy and Dr. Aldona Wos, through their family foundation, have made a 5-year pledge of support to the Greensboro Police Foundation. The DEJOY\WOS Family Foundation supports a diverse number of projects and organizations that enhance the physical, economic and social elements of our communities.

This gift by the DEJOY\WOS Family Foundation will help the Greensboro Police Department become a national model of exceptional policing by supplementing funding for the continued development of an innovative, technologically-advanced police force that optimally engages with the community.

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Dr. Aldona Wos Joined Members of the Council of American Ambassadors at the 2018 Fall Conference in NYC

The Fall Conference Follows the Annual International Fact-Finding Mission

Dr. Aldona Wos participated in the two-day invitation only Council of American Ambassadors (CAA) Fall Conference held in New York City on November 6-7, 2018. The conference followed the September 2018 ten-day CAA Annual International Mission Program attended Dr. Wos, Louis DeJoy and their son Andrew DeJoy. Dr. Wos is a member of the CAA Board of Directors and served as the U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Estonia from 2004-2006.

CAA is the association of non-career United States ambassadors. A nonprofit and nonpartisan organization, the Council comprises over 200 members whose ambassadorial service collectively extends over five decades and eleven U.S. Presidents.

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Louis DeJoy and Dr. Aldona Wos Make Major Gift to Establish Elon University Odyssey Program Scholarships

The generous gift from Elon Trustee Louis DeJoy and his wife, Dr. Aldona Wos, will assist students with exceptional ability and high financial need from Title I schools in Guilford County

The gift from the DEJOY\WOS Family Foundation will support one of Elon University’s top priorities—growing the endowment to increase financial aid for outstanding students.

The generous gift from the couple’s foundation will establish The DeJoy-Wos Odyssey Scholars Endowment, a collaboration between the university’s Odyssey Program and Martha and Spencer Love School of Business, Guilford County Schools and the United Way of Greater Greensboro. The endowment will provide scholarship support for highly motivated students from Title I schools in Guilford County who are eager to participate in Elon’s brand of high-impact learning in the Love School and who would be unable to enroll without financial assistance.

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The DEJOY\WOS Family Foundation Continues Support of the Patriot Foundation

Scholarships for Children of Killed, Wounded or Injured Soldiers

The DEJOY\WOS Family Foundation is proud to continue its funding to the Patriot Foundation, which focuses primarily on helping the children and spouses of servicemen and women that have been killed, wounded, and injured in the Global War on Terrorism. Thousands of families have been shattered by the loss or serious wounding/injury of their soldier. Many times military spouses are in need of financial assistance. The Patriot Foundation has devoted itself to helping these spouses in the specific areas of child aid to include scholarship support, and child care to support spouses who need to go back to school to improve their family’s financial stability.

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The DEJOY\WOS Family Foundation Scholarship Awarded to Four New IWP Students

Four incoming Institute of World Politics (IWP) students are the recipients of the prestigious DEJOY\WOS Family Foundation Scholarship.

This scholarship was established at IWP in 2017 thanks to the generosity of Louis DeJoy and Amb. Aldona Woś. Through a $1 million gift, they made possible scholarship funds for IWP students for ten years. The DEJOY\WOS Family Foundation Scholarship provides up to full tuition per semester for recent college graduates who demonstrate significant academic, professional, or personal achievement, as well as a history of leadership and an overall potential to succeed in IWP’s rigorous course of study.

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The DEJOY\WOS Family Foundation Supports the 2018 Winston-Salem Open

GREENSBORO, NC – The DEJOY\WOS Family Foundation has supported the Winston-Salem Open, a men’s professional tennis tournament played on the ATP Tour at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, since its debut in 2011. Louis DeJoy began sponsoring the event when he was Chairman and CEO of New Breed Logistics, and in 2015 continued the sponsorship through the DEJOY\WOS Family Foundation.

This year at the Winston-Salem Open, the DEJOY\WOS Family Foundation hosted groups of children and their families from the United Way of Greensboro, the Elon Village Families, the Elon Odyssey Scholars, and the City of Greensboro. Select this link to view photos from the Foundation’s event hosting children and their families.

The DEJOY\WOS Family Foundation supports a diverse number of projects and organizations that enhance the physical, economic and social elements of communities. The Winston-Salem Open embodies collaboration and success in our community, and is aligned with the initiatives of the DeJoy/Wos Family Foundation.